Technology in the workplace

Read the NZRDA guidelines on the use of personal mobile devices and clinical images.

Employee access to DHB digital communications

Increasingly, DHB staff communicate with each other, and their employers and unions, via text, email, website, and social media messaging. Access to digital communication platforms has become as important for day-to-day business, and to the operation of the health sector unions, as is access to a phone, meeting room, whiteboard, or pen and paper. It follows that consistent and convenient access to digital communication platforms is essential to the efficient ongoing conduct of union business. Read the joint RDA and APEX paper to National Bag on this issue here:

Robotic patients…

Read about Oscar, the robotic patient that talks and bleeds, being used for training at Taranaki Base Hospital

The future of large hospitals

An end to the era of big “monolithic” hospitals may be one consequence of looming digital-led healthcare changes, a leading health insurance executive has suggested > read more

Holograms and virtual doctors in our medical future?

Read the article in the NZ Herald about possible future advancements in delivering medical services.