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Run reviews

Run reviews

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Where do I find the relevant provisions in my MECA?

Clause 12 and pages 21 & 22.

What is a run review?

A run review is a procedure conducted over a minimum 4-week to a maximum 6-week period to review any element of a run description. However, a run review is mostly carried out to ensure the salary category for a run accurately reflects the average hours worked on that that run.

How do I request a run review?

If an RMO wants to initiate a run review you can find a set of instructions and forms on how to go about doing this here.

Who can request a run review?

DHBs, the NZRDA and RMOs can initiate a run review but no more frequently than once every three months on any particular run. There are certain circumstances for which a review is invoked immediately, such as a change in the number of RMOs on a roster.

The DHB has notified me of a run review occurring on my run. What do I need to do next?

The notification from the DHB should include the start and finish time for the review, blank timesheets and instructions on how to complete them, who to give them to. If any of these instructions are unclear or you have concerns regarding the timing of the review contact the NZRDA.  A review period must be reflective of normal working conditions.

When will I learn the outcome of the review, and when can I expect any salary changes?

Once the timesheets have been submitted both the NZRDA and the relevant DHB have 3 weeks in which to complete their calculations to determine the outcome.  If an increase is indicated by the review the pay shall be backdated to when the change in the run occurred. Where a decrease is warranted the drop in salary category will occur within two pay periods.