The need for safer rosters

Our own Nick Erskine on the need for safer rosters, in the Timaru Herald.

Changes to runs and rostering

There are a number of proposed changes to run descriptions and rosters that are currently going through the consultation process. If you are contacted by the DHB or your colleagues regarding a proposed change to a roster it is important to remember the clauses in the MECA. Check that the MECA has been complied with and, if not, then contact us. It is important to remember that this process and the outcome is dependent on your participation, if you do not respond then the change may go ahead regardless.

Safe nights survey

During the bargaining for the 2013 MECA the DHBs tabled a claim to remove the 3-6 month time limits for first year house officers performing nights. As a result we started to look at what “safe nights” would look like and carried out two surveys asking RMOs to provide feedback about nights in their DHB. In issue 23 of the RDA News we report back on the results of those surveys.