RDA News Archive

  • September 2015 Issue (“Healthy” meals, National Executive)
  • July 2015 Issue (Flu vaccinations and mandatory mask wearing, Cover for leave, Update on Prevocational training)
  • June 2015 Issue (Bullying, MCNZ fees, Vulnerable Children Act, when to contact us, changes to the MECA (cont), Flexible working arrangements, DHB/population based funding)
  • May 2015 Issue (Public release of performance data, Contracting out of lab services, changes to the MECA, Fatigue Education tool)
  • April 2015 Issue (Influenza immunisation, MCNZ election results, new National Exec members, e-portfolio, public holidays)
  • March 2015 Issue (Nights)
  • February 2015 Issue (MCNZ elections, SMART device guidelines, Vaccinations, RMO numbers)
  • July 2014 Issue (Surveys, Prevocational Training, GPEP SECA, Parental Leave)
  • April 2014 Issue (Pipeline, Lieu days, Assistance with writing resumes)
  • February 2014 Issue (What does the NZRDA National Secretary do, Meals, Pipeline Meetings, MECA bargaining, Website changes)
  • January 2014 Issue (What does the NZRDA do, Annual leave guide)
  • December Issue (Public/Private Training, NZMPI “it could happen to you)
  • November Issue (What does NZRDA do for GP, 8.1.2, Cost of Training update)
  • August Issue (Insuring you’re safe, Voluntary Bonding Scheme, MCNZ misconceptions, Joining your local DHB)
  • April Issue (Passing On, MCNZ Prevocational Training, Surveys)

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