standard-title NZRDA Member Superannuation Scheme

NZRDA Member Superannuation Scheme

The advantages of your superannuation scheme

Whilst anyone can start contributing to a superannuation scheme, our MECA provides for the employer to contribute equally to your scheme up to 6% of your income. Before you say, “I’m too young for superannuation” or “I need to pay off my debt first”, think again. The benefits of commencing contributions early are well established: if you delay, you can never catch up. 

Flexible, transportable, matched contributions

RMOs are amongst the very few health sector employees to have superannuation available – courtesy of NZRDA’s negotiations on our members’ behalf. Our scheme is transportable and can be taken to any DHB in NZ – essential given our mobility between DHBs throughout our careers. We can also suspend contributions for up to 2 years (and longer by agreement) – in case you need to go overseas, for example. Funds are not locked in, and are available to you upon ceasing your employment with your DHB.

The DHBs match your contribution up to 6% a year. Past and present NZRDA members can join our superannuation scheme.

To join the plan

Ongoing maintenance forms

Want to know more?

If you want more information on the scheme, please contact the office and we will provide all the information to you.