Conference Presentations

The presentations from the conference, along with reports and video, will be available on this page soon.

About the Conference

Resident Doctors (RMOs) receive significant job satisfaction from carrying out their daily work, which involves helping patients in need. However, being an RMO, as well as modern life, is stressful.

RMOs are a vulnerable group: we have one of the highest reported rates of mental illness and suicide. In 2016, The Guardian reported that 8 out of every 10 doctors in England have experienced mental health issues. Factors such as long hours, shift work, trauma, death, high stakes and occupational stress all contribute significantly to the physical and psychological toll.

RMOs in training are twice as likely to cite very high levels of psychological distress compared to Senior Medical Officers.
Stress and burnout for New Zealand doctors is a big issue. Across most medical sectors, burnout (including mental and physical exhaustion) rates sit above the 50 % mark. The high demands of training (including meeting run requirements, passing exams and attending teaching sessions) exacerbate the daily pressures of treating patients.

The number of members contacting the NZRDA with issues relating to their health and wellbeing is increasing – these RMOs are stressed, anxious, burnt out and, at times, suicidal.

Despite their medical expertise, RMOs are human beings: we are not immune to the struggle of recognising and managing our own health & wellbeing. We want RMOs to be the best they can be at work and in life generally.

The aim of this conference is to advance and promote health and wellbeing for Resident Doctors across New Zealand. We look forward to an engaging and informative two days. Thank you in advance for your attendance and participation.

See the recent article in the New Zealand Herald discussing the pervasiveness of poor health and wellbeing among New Zealand doctors.

Conference Programme

You can view the conference programme below.