standard-title Meet Your Delegates

Meet Your Delegates

Dr Teresa Vanderboor (Waikato) and Dr Dylan Turner (Canterbury)

Dr Teresa Vanderboor, delegate at Waikato DHB, and Dr Dylan Turner, member from Christchurch Hospital, talk about the NZRDA.

Dr Sarah Rance (Southern)

Dr Sarah Rance talks to us about her experience as an RDA delegate in Southland Hospital in Invercargill.

Dr Tom Wilkinson (Hawkes Bay) and Dr Sarah Rance (Southern)

Dr Wilkinson and Dr Rance chat about the advantages and benefits of RDA membership, and why they took on the role of delegacy in their DHBs.

Dr Jonathan Davis (Canterbury)

Dr Jonathan Davis talks about his experience moving from the UK to New Zealand, and what the NZRDA offers to UK graduates.

Dr Kate Gordon (Auckland)

Dr Kate Gordon talks to us about joining the NZRDA as a Trainee Intern.