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Cross cover FAQs

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Clause 17.0 (pages 27 to 28 of your MECA – see link).

What is cross cover?

Cross cover is where an RMO covers the duties of another RMO who is absent between 0800 and 1700 hours Monday to Friday. Note: it is still cross cover if you are carrying out some (as opposed to all) of the duties of another RMO in addition to your own.

Can I be required to cross over?

No, cross cover is voluntary. The final decision to provide cross cover falls to the RMO taking into account their current workload and the proposed workload.

Why should I think seriously before accepting cross cover?

Because when you agree to take on extra work in addition to your own you are accepting the medico-legal implications associated with providing cross cover. It is important to note that fatigue is not an acceptable excuse to the HDC.

How much do I get paid when I cross cover?

You shall be paid $150 day/shift in recognition of the increased workload. If cover is provided by more than one RMO then the payment is shared amongst those who provided the cover.

The additional duties provisions (clause 11) do not apply in a cross cover situation.

What about cross cover outside of ordinary hours?

The performance of cross cover outside of ordinary hours is a breach of the MECA. The DHB should not be asking an RMO to undertake cross cover outside of ordinary hours and an RMO should not be accepting to cross cover outside ordinary hours. The need to get in contact with the RDA as soon as possible if you have been asked to cross cover outside ordinary hours or you are aware of a situation where cross cover outside ordinary hours has or is about to take place.

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