Fatigue research

Fatigue, and managing fatigue, is a key issue for RMOs. Here we’ve collected interesting news and information relating to fatigue research.

Best practice rostering and fatigue assessment

Below are two articles regarding rostering, the first is a piece of work commissioned by NEG specifically relating to resident doctors in New Zealand whilst the second is from the Queensland health sector. For further information if you are concerned about your roster go to the “Projects” section of the website.

Literature review – Best practise rostering FINAL
Risk Assessment Tool

Footage of the moment a driver falls asleep at the wheel, this is a concern facing many members on the drive home following night shifts.

Dashcam captures moment that driver falls asleep at the wheel.


Body clock rostering?

Two leading Victorian hospitals are trialling a new “body clock” rostering system in an attempt to improve their doctors’ performance. Follow this link to the Australian ABC news item.

Sleep deficit and critical thinking

Margaret Heffernan discussing the effects of sleep deficit on critical thinking.