standard-title Dr Joel Kranz

Dr Joel Kranz

Hey everyone! My name’s Joel, and I am a PGY6 Radiology Registrar in the Auckland region. I am a born and bred Aucklander but spent my first 3-4 years working in Taranaki Base and Dunedin Hospitals. I joined the RDA as a Trainee Intern and have been a delegate from PGY1 onwards. Whilst initially I spent a great deal of time working on improving rosters and remuneration issues, in the last few years I’ve been focusing more on the big picture as a member of the bargaining team.

I also believe that time outside of medicine is just as important as career/work, not only to enjoy what the world and NZ has to offer but also to recharge and stay engaged. Outside of medicine my passions are travelling, fishing and hiking, so if I don’t see you down visiting in Radiology perhaps I’ll see you out and about in the NZ wilderness!

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