standard-title Capital and Coast DHB Schedule 10 Progress

Capital and Coast DHB Schedule 10 Progress

Progress as of 22 Jun 2018

House Officer

Medicine 1+2 Implemented
Surgical 1+2 Implemented
Kenepuru (Medical and Surgical) Implemented
O&G Implemented
Paediatrics Medical and Surgical (SHO/HO) Implemented


Orthopaedics To be implemented 10 September 2018
General/Vascular Surgery To be implemented early September 2018 if recruitment is completed by that point. Otherwise, December 2018
Cardiology Implemented
Medical Subspecialties Implemented
Medicine 1+2 Implemented
Kenepuru Implemented
Surgical Subspecialties (Neurosurgery and Cardiothoracic) Under consultation with the NZRDA
O&G Implemented